About NAN

In a new age entrepreneurial ecosystem, access to funds and passionate mentoring plays a vital role. Nativelead intensively works in perfectly blending all the vital components that builds a dynamic new-age entrepreneurial ecosystem. We prepare, evaluate, encourage and hand-hold innovative young entrepreneurs, however all these efforts may go in vain unless they are given access to modern means of equity funding & mentoring opportunities. Nativelead understands the characteristics and limitations of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Tier II and III regions in India and devised a unique investment facilitation model in the name of Native Angels Network (NAN).




Consulting Support

Why NAN?

The reason behind the success of America’s Silicon Valley (area of technology ventures) was mainly because of the active presence of the new-age asset classes like Angels, VCs (Venture Capital) and PEs (Private Equity). These are dynamic investments which require special skills and passion to promote entrepreneurship. In India, this culture is catching up in large metros, Bangalore being the most vibrant place where most number of investments are taking place. However, the large angel investor networks operating in big metro cities are looking for investments ranging only above INR 30 lakhs.

In developing Tier II & III regions, the needs, exposure and characteristics (at the early stages) of young entrepreneurs are much different when compared to that of large metros. After several rounds of brain storming and analysis with country’s leading Angel Investment domain experts, we have devised a unique model to support the early stage ideas rising from these regions. This model has both profitability as well as social angle. An ideal NAN member would have a conceptual thought process of “My role here is to evaluate the potential entrepreneurs rising from my native region and invest in their ideas. By investing, I become part of their team and mentor them to my best. In the process, they grow, I grow and my native region grows”.